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About the artist:

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"God has made everything beautiful in its time." Ecclesiastes 3:11a

         Colleen Stevens currently lives in Willow Creek, CA

                    in the mountains of Humboldt County.

I was born in Northwestern Montana in November of 1983. My family had a large piece of land in the mountains about 20 miles west of Libby. Since I was a little girl, I have loved the beauty and colour in God's creation. As a child, I spent much of my time outside listening to birds, picking flowers, chasing Autumn leaves as they fluttered to the ground, or standing in silence as a thick blanket of snow fell all around me. There is a joy and peace found in those things that cannot be found anywhere else. From snowy mountain peaks to rolling green hills against a bright blue sky, the abundance of life and beauty in a natural landscape, and the ever-changing colour palette of the seasons have had a lasting effect on me. 


For most of my life, I have had a desire to paint. I would see a beautiful landscape painting and inwardly wish I could create such things. I spent so much time doubting my ability, and I will admit it caused me to fear failure and removed my motivation to even try it. Then one day, I bought a beginners acrylic painting kit for my husband as a birthday gift; he has always been the more creative of the two of us. I couldn't resist the temptation to give it a try.


My first several paintings were terrible! But because of the loving encouragement of my family, I didn't give up. Three years later, I am continuing to improve my technique with practice, trial and error, and lots of patience! I have sold paintings across the world, and have made many new friends as a result of my love for painting. God has truly blessed my efforts, and I am looking forward to my journey as it continues to unfold!


My goal for my art is to paint the world as I see it, and to tangibly express my love for the God who could create such beauty; to evoke the peace that can come with standing in a meadow or feeling the ocean breeze on my cheek. I avoid painting people into my landscapes because my desire is to illustrate the simplicity and purity of being alone with a breathtaking scene. I want to create images that are inviting, and make a person feel as if they could just walk right in and be at peace; almost like a mini vacation destination right on their wall.


It was this goal, and feedback from admirers of my work, which inspired the name "Happy Place Landscapes." Each piece speaks to everyone in a unique way. On many occasions, different people have expressed to me that a certain piece showed what their "happy place" would look like, and that they wanted to just step right in and forget their troubles. 


I began to sell pieces online and in person, and Happy Place Landscapes was born! I hope to continue to create beauty and inspire others to find their "happy place."

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